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"Their new, non-miraheze wiki version features the n-word about 72 times on the main page" - Agent Isai

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This wiki has been made for the sole purpose of documenting the lore of the god awful gaming platform known as "Steam". This lore is very autistic and the idea of creating this basically came along when Big Man had the brilliant idea of documenting the "Timeline" of Steam City. The term "Steam City" came along when Toxic Coffee made his Steam Profile bio some parody of "Can't have shit in Detroit" but instead of "Detroit" it was "Steam City" so it was "Can't have shit in Steam City." So naturally, I, Zokh, decided to create "The Entire Lore of Steam City" guide with my friend Sir Shaoguan which was taken down by the Steam Moderation Team for being too offensive and not obeying the 1984 Steam Community Terms of Service more times than I can remember. I also edit this whenever I remember its existence and it's currently no where near finished. I'll probably leave the internet to fulfil the rest of my days living in the snowy mountains of Far East Russia and not paying taxes with my 2 jewish femboy sex slaves before it's finished anyway since this lore has more coverage than real life lore, and that's actually an understatement, there is so much fucking lore to cover for what was once a simple joke/larp. And by the way, everything in this lore actually happened and will happen, this is not a lore, it's a warning. This wiki will also be used to document the lore of Discord City (yes, it's real) and many other locations.



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